About Us

Who are we?
We are a group of food obsessed nerdy chefs that decided to adapt during the crazy times we live in. We have a commercial kitchen and do delivery only. This allows us to keep costs extremely low and our food quality high.

What do we do?
We use modern cooking techniques mixed with a bit of Abuela’s old school knowledge to deliver authentic Cuban flavors that we are so influenced by.

Where are we?
We have a commercial kitchen that lets out time and space for us to create these amazing dishes delivered to your door.

When can you order?
We are open Tuesday thru Saturday 11am until 8pm. Doordash is integrated into what we do and they are extremely fast and reliable.

Why Cuban food?
First off, Cuban cuisine is packed with flavor and love. Our owner first learned how to cook working with Cuban food and the love that goes into it while in college. He made numerous trips to Miami and lived in a Cuban community in North Jersey while experiencing the amazing flavors.

How does this work?
Follow the links to our menu and see pictures of all our dishes. We have partnered with Doordash to be integrated right through our website. This keeps costs down so we can offer everything at great prices. You can also point your camera on your phone at our QR code printed on our food truck. That will take you right to the order now screen on our website.



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